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    Provision of assistance to special parents Kesher provides professional, high quality assistance to thousands of special families daily. To do so, Kesher trains volunteers in using its comprehensive database of important and relevant information. The database is in both Arabic and Hebrew, and is updated daily. Your gift will help Kesher to better its database and train more volunteers to assist Israel’s special families.
  • Education at Kesher
    Kesher has initiated a wide range of educational opportunities for parents including courses, workshops, and lectures. These equip parents with the tools they need for the challenges they face. Kesher provides these learning opportunities for little-to-no cost. Your gift will ensure that Kesher can continue educating and empowering parents to cope with, and grow from, their situations.
  • Legal Aid at Kesher
    Kesher provides legal assistance to special families in Israel struggling to find, understand, and actualize their rights against the backdrop of confusing and difficult bureaucratic system. Your gift will ensure that families will continue to be provided with crucial legal support and assistance so at the very least, special families will be enabled to receive, within the context of the law, the help they deserve.
  • Parents Building Community
    Kesher believes that communal support is key to helping families raise their special children in dignity. Communities can offer support, warmth, love, and understanding. Therefore, Kesher helps parents in cities throughout Israel to establish supportive networks within their communities with the goal of providing various types of much needed support. Your git will provide Kesher with the ability to continue helping parents to establish supportive networks within their communities so that special families do not have to “go at it alone”.
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 Kesher Organization 

In Israel, there are 330,000 families of children with special needs. Kesher help them regardless of race, sex, or religion as a non-profit organization, depends on philanthropic gifts

 With every transaction you make on your credit card, your bill will be rounded up to the nearest shekels, and the change will go to support our activity. Round Up for Kesher