Kesher Organization

Kesher is an organization dedicated to ensuring a society in which families raising children with special needs can raise their children in dignity, have and know their rights, and are empowered to maximize the opportunities for the best possible quality of life

Kesher’s Work
Courses and Training

Kesher runs support groups for all members of special families including grandparents, siblings & parents, that provide empowerment, comfort, and validation

Support Center & Rights Info

Understanding your rights can be difficult. Kesher runs a support center provides informative assistance & legal aid to more than 330,000 special families in Israel

Parents Building Communities

Kesher encourages parents to be activists. Kesher supports parents who wish to establish parent groups to be activists in all realms of their families' lives

My Story

Kesher receives stories and anecdotes from families on the joys and struggles of raising children with special needs. Kesher compiles these stories into an informative and inspiring blog

Volunteering at Kesher

Interested in making a difference? Volunteer at Kesher! Kesher has numerous opportunities available to help better the lives of families of special needs children. Contact us and we will help you choose an area of activism

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